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What is Space Clearing?

Did you know that your home has an energy field just like you do? Homes and offices retain energetic residue from previous occupants and experiences. Even though we can’t see this energy, we can feel it!

What kinds of things can affect the land/building’s energy field?
• Physical cleanliness
• Stale energy
• Imprints of experiences like fights or illness
• Negative energy brought inside from elsewhere
• Land or structural trauma (natural disasters like tornadoes, excessive tree cutting, remodeling)
• Battlesites and graveyards
• Electromagnetic field distortions (electrical poles)
• Geopathic rays – energy rays that get bent
• Ghosts can remain energetically connected to places that are important to them

Why Get a Space Clearing?

Professional space clearing is a good idea when there are serious issues with a home and routine maintenance such as smudging hasn't worked. It's also helpful to get your space cleared before selling your home or moving into a new one.

What We Do

When we clear a space, we tune in before arriving onsite to get as much information as possible. Upon arrival, we interview the client. Then we set the boundaries and proceed to clear the energy, room by room. Some energy is easier to clear than others -- for example, stale energy might just need a spritz of holy water. If there are ghosts in the home, Kristina uses her mediumship abilities to communicate with them so we can we help them go to the light. Each space is different, and we do whatever it takes to return your home/office to pristine condition. Clients may be asked to make some changes -- moving or discarding some items, for example, or perhaps obtaining a particular statue or crystal. We also provide guidance for routine maintenance.

Our Experience

Melanie started clearing spaces in 2005 as an apprentice on a project at a large Houston entertainment venue. Her other apprenticeship assignments included River Oaks mansions, small apartments, businesses, and everything in between. 

In 2011, Melanie began accepting her own projects and training her own apprentices. She now works with Kristina Woods, one of her Advanced Reiki students who is also a medium. Kristina has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and spent many years working in crisis, suicide and gun violence prevention and intervention in the non-profit field. Their projects have included numerous homes and offices, 2 stores, and even a boat.

Scotland path Melanie Harrell space clearing

Scotland Path

Fees and Scheduling

Our minimum fee for an on site clearing is $600, which accommodates a home/office up to 2000 square feet within a reasonable driving distance (in the Houston area) and 3 hours of our time. We have never done a clearing that took less than 3 hours, even in a smaller place. We clear the entire space because it is not effective to clear just a room or a portion of the space. For larger areas, we provide a price in advance. A $300 deposit is required to schedule space clearing services.

Our scheduling is flexible, and we can be available on weekdays or weekends. We request that clients be on site while we work. For more information, or to schedule a clearing, contact us at krisdan1993@sbcglobal.net


From a client in the Woodlands: "I went by the house yesterday and it felt SO MUCH BETTER!! It also smelled better! We are working with the landlord in getting the things done to it that we talked about. Thanks so much for your light and energy! It was so nice meeting you both!!"