True Past Life Regression Experiences

Night Sky, Melanie Harrell

MEDIEVAL NUN (July, 2016)

I came to a group regression with my friend about 2 months ago. I was the one who was there only because a friend brought me and I ended up being the one most excited in the group when it ended. Lol!

I had always had a thing for crosses and was told once by a palm reader down in Jamaica that I used to be a nun so that was my intention.

Wait until you hear this! So I Googled the black pointed shoes I saw when I looked down at my feet. They were very distinct so I figured that would be a good place to start. Well, I found them and they were Spot On! They’re from the late Medieval period, roughly the 14-15th century, which explains why in my visions there were only candles for light and the bricks, wood and furniture and so on looked like something out of King Arthur’s Court. This also totally explains my love of the Renaissance Festival (Go figure!), movies that take place in medieval times, my love of crosses, the fact that I wear black most of the time and that I call my female friends and family members “Sister”.

I really enjoyed your class and found it to be most enlightening!

P.S. Did I mention I’m a HUGE fan of The Game of Thrones???


I went to Melanie as a last resort. I am estranged from my oldest daughter whom I adopted when she was thirteen, her husband, whom I had once loved as my own son, and my newborn grandchild because of conflicts my daughter and I had through her teen years. I had desperately tried to find peace for the situation through counseling, but my efforts were still falling short. I was plagued by a visceral anger that I was unable to rid myself of. My husband and I had been watching a program on past-life regression and how it had assisted some people in overcoming emotional issues plaguing them in the present. After some discussion, we thought “what the heck…can’t hurt!” After some internet searches, I came across Melanie’s site and contacted her.

My journey was a surprising one and not what I had expected. One of the most touching things in the process was when Melanie told me that I could be accompanied by a spirit of someone who had passed over to ease my journey. In the “movie” that unfolded in my mind, I saw three figures engulfed in dark shadow. Two were tall men and one was much shorter. Instinctively, I knew the tall men were two of my great-grandfathers, the smaller of the men was my grandfather who had raised me. The two tall men stepped back and the shorter man came forward. I was able to see the twinkle in his eyes that I had known in life and it seemed I was able to even smell his cigar smoke. He took my hand with a reassuring smile and the adventure began.

In a past life, I was a simple farmer, Clarence, who occasionally worked as a coal miner in the area of North Carolina and Virginia in the latter part of the 1800’s. He and his wife, Lydia had two children, a boy and a girl. Imagine my surprise when I identified my daughter in my current life as Lydia, my wife in my past life. The daughter in this prior life was my son-in-law. Clarence was part Native American and identified himself as Cherokee. At his heart, he was a gentle, sensitive soul, but had been placed in situations that had hardened him. Clarence had experienced racism at a young age and was looked down upon because he was of mixed race. He found his solace in the woods of his home, gathering herbs and practicing the healing he had learned from his mother. His father had been killed in a drunken dispute when Clarence was only fifteen, leaving him to care for the rest of his family until his mother remarried.

The union between Clarence and Lydia had not been a happy one. Lydia had an affair with a man whom she felt could provide her with more material wealth and status and in a fit of anger, Clarence shot him and dumped his body in a ravine. Days later, I was able to sketch the weapon for my husband who is a bit of an antique firearms buff and he confirmed that the rifle would have been what a man of Clarence’s era and social status would have likely owned.

Farm, Melanie Harrell

Clarence and Lydia remained together, but were never at peace with one another. To complicate matters, Clarence’s relationship with his daughter, (Ann or Anna) became strained because the child had witnessed the shooting and came to fear her father. As she grew up, she married a man who was a bit of a scoundrel and had a child by him. Because of some harsh words from Clarence, the man had left her and her baby.

Clarence’s daughter blamed him for her husband’s abandonment and left the farm with his grandchild. Lydia passed away from what I believed was small pox (rationally, I believed the era was wrong for this disease, but after some investigation, found that outbreaks still occurred in the Appalachian region during the time period). Anna and her child also lost their lives to disease a short time later. Clarence lived out the remainder of his life with guilt, anger, pain and resentment, passing from tuberculosis at the age of seventy-two. He had been a gentle, sensitive soul, but life had hardened him and he had allowed the pain to stifle the kindness in him.

I was able to pull some parallels from Clarence’s life into my current situation. I had a tendency to want to protect both my daughter and son-in-law and had a habit of booting people out of their lives whom I felt did not have their best interests at heart. This led to a lot of conflict with my daughter and a lot of my resentment towards her for getting into bad situations. I had conflicts with my son-in-law because he felt I was always giving up on her and was overly harsh in my words, just as Ann/Anna felt when Clarence ran her shiftless husband off. My son-in-law’s need to prove himself capable of caring for my daughter and grandchild without any assistance from our family also paralleled Anna’s desire to be free from her father’s care and subsequent departure. Clarence’s family had fallen apart because of circumstances beyond his control as well as in how he handled things…just as mine had. I had found myself becoming someone that I truly did not like because of all of the negativity I was harboring.

With Clarence and his family coming to a place of forgiveness, I was also able to free myself from the shackles of anger and resentment in my current situation. Despite my situation not improving, I am able to still have love, caring and forgiveness towards my daughter, son-in-law, and their child. I may never see them again in this lifetime, but I am at peace with them, and that is a feeling I never thought I would have again.

Melanie mentioned I might have some spontaneous memories of that life and others over the next few days and I did. On the way home, I could not get the name “Pembroke” out of my mind. I looked it up and it is a town in North Carolina…home to the Lumbee Indians (formerly identified as Cherokee). It had puzzled me as to why Ann/Anna did not really have Native American features and in fact had blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. However, the Lumbee’s are theorized to be the descendants of the Croatan tribe…the remnants of the Lost Colony of Roanoak. I’ve also had some flashbacks of a medieval castle, a brutal murder outside of a tavern and even what I believe to be a witch trial. At some point in the future, I will probably explore those lifetimes too.


During the group past life regression, I wanted to explore my possible connection to a certain place: Ireland. I have been infatuated with all things Irish for as long as I can remember. Even as child, I claimed I would one day visit Ireland and that it was my “dream destination”. Having no Irish heritage or background, there was virtually nothing in this lifetime for this obsession to be founded on. And it was particularly odd that as a child, I would feel so strongly about a place I had never seen, nor had anyone in my family ever seen, and knew virtually nothing about. Over the years, I began to wonder if I had a past life connection that fueled my interest. Then, a couple of years ago, I took my dream vacation to Ireland with my husband. While it was incredible in so many ways, what really struck me was how “at home” I felt, how comfortable and in my element. I’d never traveled internationally before this, so it was a bit unusual for me to react that way. But Ireland is welcoming, and I could have written that off, except for one small detail. My husband is the navigator in our family, with good reason- I am terrible with directions. (As a child, my gym coach would draw an “R” on my right hand and an “L” on my left hand so I would go the right way.) My husband has a saying, “Whatever direction you want me to go, I just do the opposite and it turns out perfect.” I have a track record for literally picking the opposite direction of where I’m supposed to be headed. But in Ireland, my husband was forced to drive and let me navigate. Not only was I consistently able to find my way around a country I’d no previous experience with, he was continuously off-track. Time and again on our vacation, when he’d argue for one direction, I would insist on another and I always proved to be right. It became eerie. Eventually, we decided my internal compass was apparently hardwired for Ireland, while his was anything but. It was then that I became convinced in my past life connection to that place.

Ireland Tree, Melanie Harrell

Sure enough, during my regression, before I’d even been fully hypnotized, I became another person, a young girl of fourteen or so with red hair. Instantly, I found myself in Ireland, in a very distant time, perhaps B.C. While the time was unclear, the place was not. As I explored that lifetime, I found that I had a very close and unusual connection to the land. The daughter of a midwife, I often took advantage of trips to gather mosses and herbs and other “wild” supplies, to explore the uninhabited land around me. I developed a very close relationship with the natural world and was known as someone with an uncanny knack for communicating with nature. An early experience at my mother’s side, where I watched a mother die during childbirth, convinced me to never marry, couple, or bear children. I lived a long, full life in that place, as a midwife, like my mother before me, but it was devoid of close human connection after my mother’s death. Instead I took solace in nature. As a result, that lifetime was very peaceful, restful and complete. But it left me with much still to learn and explore. I knew when that lifetime was over, that I would need to reach out to human connection in my next lives, if I was to grow and evolve.

I believe now that my connection to Ireland lies in the fact that it will always signify a place of rest and comfort to me, a place of immeasurable joy and freedom, as I experienced in my lifetime there. In some ways, a place of perfection or completeness. I am grateful to know a place like that. However, I realize that as much as I enjoyed that life experience, it did little to push or challenge me, and as a result, I left that life relatively unchanged from how I entered it. I have since experienced lifetimes that required much more of me and explored a few of those with Melanie’s help.


Ever since I can remember, I have felt a separation between my head and my body. This was one of the issues I hoped to explore when I came to Melanie for a past life regression.

As I began going through the process, I wondered whether it was all just my imagination. As I allowed myself to remain with the process, this was my experience:

I saw myself as a young woman led down a dark hallway, down into a cavernous room with torches hanging along the walls for light. There were men in robes, judging me and others near me. I felt afraid, even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I was accused of being rich, which was true. I was born into wealth…I remember dancing at balls in beautiful gowns, in beautiful palaces. Sometimes there were men that I didn’t want to dance with, so I refused their advances and that made them angry.

Had I made a mistake? Had I naively flirted and given the wrong impression? I had so much to learn, so much more life to live.

Back at the tribunal, I hear people shouting accusatory words at me. These people feel powerless and their anger has erupted into violence. We, the aristocracy, have been in denial about the conditions of their lives. We didn’t understand how bad it was for them. Now we are paying for our unwillingness to see. My hands are tied together and I am in a line behind the others, waiting for death. I am crying as my sisters are beheaded (my mother and sisters from present life)...This will be my fate too.

Perhaps this life in France explains why I have often feared wealth and somehow shied away from prosperity. At a deep level, I believed that abundance would lead to harm for me or my loved ones. As I released that lifetime, I began to see things from a different perspective. I began to heal the separation between my head and my body. I continue to grow in my ability to remain present, to grow beyond the dissociation related to a past I could not remember. I continue to make peace with what was once so much turmoil in my heart; to understand that peace, joy and abundance are available, always open to possibility.


For many years, I suffered from migraine headaches, pain in my eyes, and fear of the dark. When Melanie regressed me into a past life, I discovered that I had been persecuted for being a healer during the inquisition. After our session, the headaches and eye pain were gone, and my fear of the dark had decreased. And there two more interesting results. In the past, when I closed my eyes, I saw the color red. I assumed everyone else did, too. Also, I have four children, and I had designed a lazy susan type table to make it easier to pass food during meals. Turns out this table bears a remarkable resemblance to the contraption my inquisitors strapped me onto!


When I found out I would be accompanying my daughter to England for a soccer tournament, I did not want to go and couldn’t figure out why. I travel frequently and had never had a problem. Also, I started waking up at night with severe pain in my neck. Part of it was muscular, and part of it felt like hot metal was searing the skin near my right ear. There were red marks on my neck. I went to other health care professionals who were unable to help.

During my past life regression, I discovered I had been the daughter of a Native American chief. I traveled to England with some of the early settlers in an effort to win better treatment for my people. While in England, I cared for the young daughter of the nobleman I had gone to visit, as I was skilled in working with herbs. The child was very sick and I nursed her back to health. This child is my soccer child in my current life. We became close, even though I found the English language very difficult to learn! On the way back to America, the sailors treated me badly. I was strapped to a barrel, and there was an explosion which burned me near my right ear. I became very ill, but fortunately was returned to my tribe and survived. Later, one of the colonists strangled me.

After our session, the neck pain disappeared and so did my fears about going to England, so I made the trip just fine. This past life also explains why, even though I am from Mexico and speak several languages, I never wanted to learn English in this current life. I still find the language quite difficult.  

(Note: These two past lives [inquisition and Native American] were experienced by the same person. I wrote the descriptions for my client, with her approval, so she wouldn't have to write them in English!)


(this story is featured in Brian Weiss' book Miracles Happen, pages 75 - 79)

Last night’s exercise was so great! And as you suggested, more is coming to light since the regression into my past life which is making so much about this life clearer for me. I really believe I will be able to begin to move forward now.

I wanted to share this tidbit of corroboration with you: In the lifetime I explored last night, I was a widow landowner in rural 17th century England. No easy task. I had three children, a son and two younger identical twin girls. My son died in a battle of some sort, but I held his wake there on my property and therefore knew he could not have died in a war fought on foreign land. In my current knowledge, I didn’t know of any British wars fought on British soil during that time. What’s more, I had the distinct sense that he had not voluntarily enlisted, but had been coerced or forced in some way. Again, while I am well aware of the American draft, my current knowledge had no notion of a draft concept in England in that time. Funny thing was, I kept drawing some connection between this dead son and the soldiers who died during the American civil war. I did a little brief research today online and was surprised to learn that there were a series of three British civil wars fought in the mid to late 1600’s and that many of the soldiers enlisted on both sides were coerced or drafted into service by county lords and other noblemen and military officers.

Apparently, much of the rural English population was rather neutral about the war, siding neither with parliament nor the king, so the only way for the two combatant parties to keep their regiments stocked was to force, draft, coerce and otherwise engage able-bodied not-to-be-overly-missed young men into their ranks. I knew instantly that my son from that lifetime had died in the British civil wars and that he had indeed been conscripted against his will. This is why his body could be returned to me and I was able to hold his wake in my own home. And, while we were “freeholders”, we were not a wealthy or prominent family in society and therefore my son was just the kind of person the military would have been looking for. Historical estimates dictate as many as 185,000 men died during these civil wars; up to one quarter of the male population in England at that time.


My hypnosis death regression session with Melanie was a truly remarkable experience. Before the session, neither Melanie nor I discussed what I might experience before I was born. What follows is a synopsis of my experience. Under hypnosis, I experienced traveling toward a very bright but soft and inviting white light. This light seemed to me to be infinite in extent. My consciousness resided in a body comprised of luminous energy rather than a physical body. While ascending toward this serene light, I was drawn to a white structure suspended within the light. At the center of this structure was a pedestal containing a large white book with gold trimmed pages. As I moved toward the book, I felt the presence of several beings, composed of light, moving towards me. They were neither male nor female, however, for convenience, I will use the masculine voice in my following description (the reader can substitute the feminine voice, if desired). As they approached, I felt indescribable love, acceptance, and serenity. I had the sense that I had been here before, more than once, with these same beings. As they drew close, I felt that each being was divine and profoundly wise. One being moved close to me and opened the book that resided on the pedestal. It was divided into chapters that were my past lives. There were too many lives to remember the details of each but he said to me, not to worry, because these lives were concluded and the life lession for each life had been learned. When he approached my current life, he would not show me the ending. I was disappointed and I asked why I could not see the end of this current life. He said that my current life was yet to be completed and the lesson for this life had to learned for myself. He said that this is the purpose of every being born in the physical sphere. I said I wanted to stay with him, here, within the light. But he said, in time, I would be able to stay with him and the others but not now. I felt a profound disappointment. After a brief pause, he said, however I will tell you this, you should love everyone and see everyone as divine. Do this, and your time spent in the physical sphere will be greatly shortened.

The experience changed both my attitude and belief toward death in a profound way. Melanie’s guidance, support, and sensitivity through this process was greatly appreciated.