Frequently Asked Questions

HOURS: MWF. I usually see clients at 10:30, noon and 3 pm
(other times by appointment)
FEES: $185 per session, or 4 sessions for $625 (3-month expiration)

Past Life Regression

Can past life regression help me understand my current relationships?
Yes, past life regression can help us gain insight into many issues, including relationships.

Do most clients recall lifetimes as famous people?
Clients typically remember lives as ordinary people; only rarely does a person recall a lifetime as someone famous.

How do I know I'm not just making up a story?
It is important to suspend judgment during and after a past life regression. Whether the events are literally true is not the important thing, though it is sometimes possible to verify events. The important thing is that the information helps the client move forward with more understanding and clarity than before.

Will I remember the session?
Yes, and many people receive more information during the following two or three days.

Which is a better option -- a group session or a private session? When is the next group session?
Group past life regressions work well for people who are comfortable or experienced with hypnosis, meditation, or other processes that work with different levels of the mind. These sessions are also a nice introduction for people who are curious about their past lives and are not intending to address a deep or difficult issue. And of course, group sessions are less expensive than private sessions. However, in a group setting I have to keep the process very general and cannot give specific guidance to any individual, though I am available afterward for group sharing as well as private questions. Click here to find out when the next group session is. These are usually offered at Body Mind & Soul, 7951 Interstate-10. (link to PLR page)

Individual sessions are recommended for people who are seriously working on transformation, particularly during the early stages, and for those who are working on a deep issue. I can focus my attention entirely on the client and ask questions that relate directly to what the client is experiencing. Most people, regardless of their experience level, will receive far more information with an individual session. So private sessions are usually more effective.

Are private sessions recorded?
I don't record the sessions, although some people bring their own recorders and this is fine. Many clients speak very quietly, and some take awhile to respond to questions. I prefer to be completely present for the client rather than concerned with equipment! I do write everything down and will review the session afterward.

Are the sessions confidential?
I do not reveal the names of my clients, and all sessions are confidential unless my client asks me in writing to discuss a session with a third party. Some clients give permission for me to share their stories on my website, during interviews, etc. In these cases, I share the stories but keep the client's identity confidential.

More details about the past life regressions I offer  (link to PLR page)


What if I can't be hypnotized?
Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation. If you can relax, you can go into hypnosis! You will be lying comfortably in a soft chair, listening to nice things about yourself...

What if I don't wake up?
You will!!

Will I remember everything?
You will probably remember a lot. Many people drift off during hypnosis, which is just fine because the subconscious mind is very receptive at that time. I will review the session with you afterward.

More about hypnosis (link to Hypnosis page)


Is Reiki like massage?
No. A Reiki practitioner does not physically manipulate tissue. The hands are simply placed on the client with a firm, light touch, and the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner's hands. Many massage therapists do practice Reiki, however.

How will I feel during a Reiki treatment?
Individual responses to Reiki vary. Most people feel very relaxed, and many clients even fall into a light sleep during a session. Some people may feel tingling or heat coming from the practitioner's hands, and others may not notice much at all. There is no right or wrong way to experience a Reiki treatment.

Details about Reiki history and my training (link to Reiki Page)


Is Reiki easy to learn?
Yes, Reiki is very easy to learn.

Do I need special equipment to practice Reiki?
All you need are your hands.

If I give someone else a Reiki treatment, will I pick up their energy?
No, one of the benefits of Reiki is that only pure Reiki energy is transmitted to the client. No one picks up anyone else's "stuff".

Can I give Reiki to myself?
Yes, that is one of the many wonderful gifts of Reiki training! Not only do we learn to give Reiki to others, we also learn to give ourselves Reiki treatments.

How can I get Reiki training?
First Degree Reiki training is offered several times a year. Click here for more information about Reiki training, and for the dates of the next First Degree class. (link to Classes page)

Can I get massage therapy CEU's for Reiki classes?
Yes! 8 hours for First Degree, 6 hours for 2nd Degree. My provider # is CE1481.

Why don't you teach Reiki 1 and 2 together?
Because Reiki isn't just about techniques and "getting it done". Reiki is also about spiritual evolution and that takes time. In my tradition, First Degree students practice on themselves every day for a month after class, and wait at least 3 months before taking 2nd Degree so that the energy can become established. Students who go too fast often don't integrate what they have learned.

Can children learn Reiki?
Yes, children do very well with Reiki. I teach Children's Reiki on 2 consecutive days, 2 hours each day. Each child must be accompanied by a Reiki-trained parent, or a parent may enroll in the class along with the child. This class is for children 6 to 12 and costs $100. LImited to 6 children. See Reiki classes for more information. Next children's class TBA. (link to Classes)

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